Why buy logo branded apparel?

Why should I buy logo shirts?

Many decisions go into allocating marketing budgets. The ROI (Return On Investment) for company logo clothing raises many questions. How many eyeballs are seeing my staff and customers wearing these items. What type of brand awareness/message are we spreading with logo clothing?

Three reasons why its invaluable to have your Employees wearing your Company logo shirts:

1.  Build Trust

A recent survey revealed some important statistics regarding customers preference when dealing with company employees:

  • 60% of buyers consciously prefer to use companies with uniformed employees
  • 87% of buyers feel uniforms are crucial for ease of identification
  • 55% of buyers show a higher level of trust with a uniformed employee

2.  Positive Brand Association

Internal marketing is the common thread throughout successful business models  Apple, Starbucks, Canon etc.  When visiting an Apple store you see representatives in bold, brightly coloured branded t-shirts, or Barista style aprons.  It adds to, and reinforces, a customers experience which in turn flows through to the marketing process.

3.  Creating Employee Unity

Recent statistics show that 65% of employees are browsing for employment elsewhere and in most cases its not about the money. 

So how do we make our employees more connected with our company and objectives?  A demonstrated effective way is to give employees logo branded clothing that they can wear at work.  This builds team spirit, helps employees feel more connected and gives a ‘we’re all working toward the same purpose’ mentality.

Dare to be bright and bold, vivid colours and clear crisp messages visually articulate your company’s vision.  Similar to the concept of bright red lipstick on women, it makes you stand out and gives the wearer the confidence that they are being seen.

Employee uniform programs have seen;

  • 70% higher profitability
  • 76% lower turnover in staff
  • 78% better safety records
  • 86% higher customer ratings

Why should you invest in giving employees logo apparel?  Because when it’s done correctly, the ROI is exceptional!

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